How to Help Local Biodiversity

26 Nov 2023
Purple flower with beetle

Surrey is a very nature depleted county; its biodiversity is under threat. Local councils have responded to residents’ concerns with a number of measures to fight back such as the creation of super bug highways, planting of trees that can better withstand drought and the Blue Heart scheme, where local residents can opt-in to cultivate their own verges with rules designed to make sure cultivation remains appropriate e.g. no planting of trees or large plants. Permission may not be given if the council feels that sightlines for drivers, or pedestrian walkways could be affected. Blue Heart verges can be planted up with smaller wildflowers that look amazing and benefit bees and other pollinators. 

Measures such as these allow nature to benefit from small ‘wild’ areas that support biodiversity particularly for our invertebrates such as insects, spiders, worms and other such species. These small areas add up to an important and meaningful resource. 

Lib Dem Campaigner, Sam Mearing, has been pioneering such initiatives where she lives in south Horley, in and around Upfield and Cheyne Walk.

Sam said “Please support our teams in these aims – a wilder Surrey is needed and can be done in a way that benefits us all.”