Horley Sewage Works Scandal

8 Jan 2024
Horley Sewage Works Overflowing

For the fourth time in as many months, the storm tanks at the Horley Sewage Treatment Works near Lee Street, have overflowed and spilled raw sewage out into the public footpath and open meadow between Westvale Park and the River Mole. The area is used for recreation and is popular with dog walkers.

This happened twice in the same week! On Tuesday 2 January and again on Friday 5 January. 

I was alerted to the possibility that this might happened and went to the site to investigate early in the morning on 2nd January and again on the 5 January. I posted what I found to twitter. It was soon picked up by the press, you may have see this report on ITV it was also picked by Feargal Sharkey, prominent campaigner for cleaning up our rivers and beaches.

Chris Coghlan and I are urging Thames Water to take the urgent upgrade of the site seriously. We have recently written to Thames Water to press for robust urgent action to implement interim measure to prevent this happening again and also to press Thames Water to ensure their long term investment (planned for 2025-2026) to fully resolve the matter and make the work suitable for the future.