A greener Redhill and Reigate

A great first meeting. Much more action after the lockdown. 

Just before the lockdown 14 of us met at a private house to discuss ideas and options for improving the environment in the Reigate Area and promoting the fight against Climate Change. The current crisis has put an end to meetings like this but we still want to move forward with creating a greener borough.  This is a list of the topics that came up during the discussion with some notes.

  1. Turning off car engines while waiting for the gates at Reigate Station. A number of people have been seen in white suits campaigning for this. The proposal would be for a number of signs suggesting this by the road.
  2. Plastic (and glass?) bottle return stations with a small reward for doing so. These exist in Germany.
  3. More electric charging points for cars. It was pointed out that these need to be close to where people live, especially blocks of flats where people may be parking on nearby roads.
  4. Better Cycle paths. We thought that only the Redhill/Gatwick route is actually usable, all the rest are token paths, often blocked by parked cars.
  5. Buses. We need shorter, more frequent routes that reflect the reality of where people go. Also, buses are too expensive to make them attractive to car users.
  6. House building. The government has backtracked on the aim for net carbon zero homes. There are national regulations for new builds but the main issue is old houses. These are often very inefficient. Even improvements to these houses leave them inefficient. There was a discussion on why new houses were still being fitted with gas boilers.
  7. Rewilding. There was a discussion on the idea of ‘rewilding’ the area around Earlswood lakes, Redhill Golf Course and the land around the old Earlswood Asylum. If this was done well it would be the largest urban parks in Surrey and could provide a real amenity for local residents. This could be funded by local companies surrounding Gatwick as a way of offsetting their carbon emissions.
  8. Three part litter bins. Especially around schools and colleges. These would allow easy recycling of plastic and paper.
  9. Education. There is a lot of effort going into education on environmental issues. St Mary’s School has made a special effort in this area.

If you like these ideas, or have some of your own let us know. 

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