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Getting in touch with your local Liberal Democrats

If you have something to say or something to tell us we would love to hear from you. The easiest way is by email. Our email inbox is monitored and we will get back to you within a few days.

Our central email is: You should use this to contact us for any reason but especially if there are stories or opinions you would like to share on the website. 

The website for the national party is:

The website for the regional party is:

If you have a question concerning the ward you live in, please contact your local councillor. Details below.

And finally, if you would like to contact the national party you can find how to do so here.

Who are we?

In short, we are just like you. We are not professional politicians. Just a group of people with jobs, interests and families who care passionately about how we can change our area and nation for the better. Here are a few of us in the local party:

Graham Burr - Chairman


tel:0798 635 3493

Address: Fernside, Park Lane, Reigate, RH2 8JX


My wife and I moved out to Reigate and Banstead some 30 years ago, attracted by the country feel and great access to London. Two children (and just recently one Grandchild) on we still see is one of the most beautiful places to live and are passionate about preserving and enhancing it for future generations. Having spent most of my life working in Business across Europe I see Brexit as a self- inflicted wound, and joined the Lib Dems to help fight it and to address some of the underlying causes. Outside politics I am a keen but ageing tennis player and enthusiastic traveller. My three top priorities for the area are - Affordable housing without destroying the fantastic inherited amenity: we need meaningful targets for all developments to allow the younger generation to be able to afford to live here - Properly Funded Education: we should not be forcing headteachers to make difficult trade-offs that damage the delivery of a first-class education - Integrated and reliable Transport: holding Southern rail to account while looking at ways of increasing the role of public transport






Borough Councillors

Cllr. Steve Kulka

Councillor details -


Steve has been a Councillor for Meadvale and St. John's ward since 2002. He has campaigned successfully for the completion of six pedestrian crossings and the reinstatement of footpaths for parents walking their children to school. He supported residents in successfully opposing the siting of seven mobile phone masts in this ward. He also successfully lobbied SSC Highways for many of our roads to be resurfaced. He has helped residents with numerous parking issues in residential roads, along with potholes, damaged kerbs and drains. He has also lobbied Surrey County Council to retain the bus routes through Meadvale and St. Johns and continues to involve himself actively in local Community groups such as the Woodhatch Community Association.

Steve has lived in the Borough for 34 years and has been married to Jane for 39 years. They have two grown children who attended local schools, Reigate College and Surrey University. He is a freelance Health & Safety consultant for the construction industry, Electrician and IT Consultant. He has a keen interest in energy efficiency technology and environmental issues.  

Cllr. Jane Philpott

Councillor details -

Jane Philpott


Jane is a Councillor for Meadvale and St. John's ward. Jane works as an IT Consultant for some well-known companies in the UK. Having grown up in social housing, Jane is particularly passionate about appropriate levels of affordable housing, preventing people from being forced out of the area where they have formed their lives. Jane believes in small and simple steps at the local level for encouraging opportunities for all. As local spending is cut, Council Tax increased and Business Rates remain expensive, Jane believes in gaining efficiency in council processes and improving its relationship with residents in very simple and low-cost ways. 


Cllr. David Ross

Councillor details -

Cllr David Ross  

David is a Councillor for Meadvale and St. John's ward. He has lived in the Reigate area for over 30 years and currently lives in The Woodlands with his young family. As a freelance web developer, David is also an active member of the local business community.

Like many others, David Joined the Lib Dems after the EU referendum. He could not believe his children could end up worse off, just because the Tories didn't want to compete with UKIP.

Like many parents, David is concerned about local education and the environment. Above all, David wants to do his bit to build strong opposition in an otherwise Tory-dominated council.

Monica Dyer

Website Manager


Tel: 07740021767

Monica has lived in the borough for more than 33 years she is married with two adult children. After 30 years working in corporate IT she left the corporate world to pursue her original career choice in art. Her passion is for communicating and bringing people together. 




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